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Dental Tooth Extractions

Saving your natural tooth is always our first choice. But after all possible treatments are considered, and if a tooth extraction is the best option for you, we take care of that. Whether it’s a simple extraction or a surgical extraction, rest assured we will make it a comfortable procedure for you at either our Chesapeake or Virginia Beach office locations.

How does a dentist remove a tooth?

If a tooth is visible above the gum line, the dentist can gently remove it with forceps and it’s a quick procedure. If the tooth is impacted, you’ll need an oral surgeon to remove gum tissue or bone in order to extract it. The tooth may need to be removed in pieces, and stitches may be required to close the site so that it can heal properly.

How to prepare for a wisdom tooth removal?

These are general preparations, and our practice will give you more specific instructions if you’re scheduled for wisdom tooth extraction. That said, be sure to brush your teeth before your procedure in order to reduce the amount of bacteria in your mouth and lower your chance of infection. If you’re going to be sedated, do not eat, drink fluids or smoke for at least eight hours before your surgery. Bring a responsible adult with you to drive you home. And, finally, stock up on the ice cream!

How soon can I eat after a wisdom tooth extraction?

We suggest not eating for two hours after surgery (to encourage blood clotting and avoid dry socket) then start with clear liquids, such as apple juice, tea or broth. Gradually ramp up your diet as tolerated, but we suggest you only eat soft food for the first few days

What should I expect after a tooth extraction?

 It’s completely normal to feel a bit of pain after the anesthesia wears off. You should also expect some swelling and residual bleeding for 24 hours after you’ve had a tooth extraction. However, if either the bleeding or the pain is severe more than four hours after your tooth is pulled, give your dentist a call.

What do dentists do with removed teeth?

Most dentists dispose of extracted teeth by putting them in medical waste containers, which are collected by companies licensed to take care of biohazardous material. The teeth are considered infectious because they may have blood or tissue on them. If, however, patients want to keep their extracted teeth, they can certainly do so!

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My experience today was so great! I was nervous about going in since I hadn’t been in awhile, but the staff made me feel comfortable and excited to continue to better my oral health. – Tiffany G.

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I had a good experience at Advanced Sedation Dentistry after moving here from Ohio and not seeing a dentist for over a year. My dental insurance company recommended them. I feel very comfortable there and well cared for. I am so happy I found Advanced Sedation Dentistry.

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Excellent Service! My son has special needs (Down Syndrome), and requires sedation for dental procedures outside of his cleanings. From the front desk at check in, to the dental services/ anesthesiologist, a great team of people. Thank you for taking care of my son!

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