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Tooth Cleaning & Dental Exams

No matter how committed you are to regularly brushing and flossing, a dental exam every six months at our Chesapeake or Va. Beach offices is a smart way to stay ahead of small problems that can become big problems, and may affect your overall health. Those include plaque, tartar, gum disease, decay and other issues.

How often should the average person go to the dentist?

Generally, it’s recommended that someone without advanced dental issues should see the dentist every six months (or twice a year), and follow the treatment and advice of the dentist to maintain a healthy smile.

What does dental cleaning involve during treatment?

Professional cleaning includes tooth scaling (scraping plaque and tartar away from your gumline) and tooth polishing. This involves the use of various dental instruments or devices to loosen and remove deposits from your teeth.

How long should a typical dental cleaning take?

On average, dental cleanings last between 30 minutes to an hour, and are performed while you (the patient) is lying back in a comfortable dental chair. After a professional teeth cleaning, you may notice that your teeth feel smoother and look brighter.

How can people overcome fear of going to the dentist?

If you’re nervous about an upcoming dental visit, you’re not alone. Many people feel uneasy, and it’s typically due to fear of pain. But not all dental visits and procedures are painful! To curb your tension or anxiety, tell us how you’re feeling. We can adapt the treatment to your needs, which can include sedation options.

What are the benefits of sedation dentistry?

First and foremost, sedation dentistry offers relief to our patients who are apprehensive about their visit. During the procedure, a sedated patient isn’t aware of the sights, sounds and smells of the office. There’s also a reduction in the gag reflex, and the dentist can work faster. Best of all, you can basically sleep through your next appointment!

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excellent care makes for happy patients

Tiffany G.

My experience today was so great! I was nervous about going in since I hadn’t been in awhile, but the staff made me feel comfortable and excited to continue to better my oral health. – Tiffany G.

Lize M.

I had a good experience at Advanced Sedation Dentistry after moving here from Ohio and not seeing a dentist for over a year. My dental insurance company recommended them. I feel very comfortable there and well cared for. I am so happy I found Advanced Sedation Dentistry.

– Lize M.

Angellica A.

Had an absolutely amazing experience with Advanced Sedation Dentistry! I mean when your oldest child comes out after getting teeth cleaned and says “I love coming to the dentist,” those words tell you right there.

– Angellica A.

Jeff L.

I am very happy with Advanced Sedation Dentistry! They did such a great job on my mouth! I look forward to going back and that is saying a lot!!! Thank you all so much for being so patient and kind to me.

– Jeff L.

Robin G.

Excellent Service! My son has special needs (Down Syndrome), and requires sedation for dental procedures outside of his cleanings. From the front desk at check in, to the dental services/ anesthesiologist, a great team of people. Thank you for taking care of my son!

– Robin G.

Payment Options

For affordability & convenience

We understand that even with our affordable dental services, covering the cost of your dental care may be a concern. We offer a number of options to help ensure you get the dental care you deserve.

Most Dental Insurances Accepted

Cash, Cashier's Check, Major Credit Cards Accepted

Financing Available Through Credit Care®

Discount Dental Plan Available for Those with Little or No Insurance


to maximize your comfort level

Under our care, there is no reason to put off your dental work. When paired with comforting pain management, our expert sedation dentists can complete years of work in one visit. Let us remove the anxiety and inconvenience of making return trips.

General Anesthesia Full Sedation Medium Sedation Mild Sedation


General Anesthesia

I’m OK with localized numbing in my problem area. This level is achieved with a local injection or topical treatment.

Mild Sedation

I would like to be in a relaxed, but awake state. This level is achieved with the use of nitrous oxide.

Medium Sedation

I prefer to be in a near-sleep state, but still responsive. This level is achieved through an IV drip.

Full Sedation

Knock me out, doc. I want to be unconscious. This level is achieved with deep sedation and general anesthesia.

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