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Advanced Sedation Dentistry has been serving and comforting our Hampton Roads community since 2009 with complete and gentle dental care. We are honored to be entrusted with the dental care of our patients, from the very young to the young at heart.

Excellent care makes for happy patients

Thank you so much for helping me overcome my fear!

Five stars

Excellent Service! My son has special needs (Down Syndrome), and requires sedation for dental procedures outside of his cleanings. From the front desk at check in, to the dental services/ anesthesiologist, a great team of people. Thank you for taking care of my son!

– Robin G.

Five stars

I am very happy with Advanced Sedation Dentistry! They did such a great job on my mouth! I look forward to going back and that is saying a lot!!! Thank you all so much for being so patient and kind to me.

– Jeff L.

Five stars

Had an absolutely amazing experience with Advanced Sedation Dentistry! I mean when your oldest child comes out after getting teeth cleaned and says “I love coming to the dentist,” those words tell you right there.

– Angellica A.

Five stars

I had a good experience at Advanced Sedation Dentistry after moving here from Ohio and not seeing a dentist for over a year. My dental insurance company recommended them. I feel very comfortable there and well cared for. I am so happy I found Advanced Sedation Dentistry.

– Lize M.

The staff was incredible, kind and compassionate.

Five stars

My experience today was so great! I was nervous about going in since I hadn’t been in awhile, but the staff made me feel comfortable and excited to continue to better my oral health.

– Tiffany G.

Five stars

I love this place. They were great with my daughter’s wisdom teeth removal. She is 13 and was so scared and they explained the procedure and calmed her down and took great care of her. The staff was incredible, kind and compassionate.

– Carrie H.

Five stars

I was extremely anxious when going to Advanced Sedation Dentistry for the first time. I had a terrible experience with other dentists and had been afraid to go to one for almost 10 years. From my very first phone call to scheduling an appointment, they put me at ease. They are very informative when discussing procedures with me and have been very sensitive to my needs when completing my dental work. Thank you so much, Advanced Sedation Dentistry, for helping me overcome my fear!

– Kimberly

Five stars

I’ve always had a fear of dentists. I put off going for many years because my previous experiences had left me in pain. I knew that my dental recovery would take several visits and just the thought of having a stranger’s hands in my mouth – even one time – left me feeling nauseous. I thought if I could just find a dentist who would send me into a nap-like state and do all the really bad stuff all at once – I would be very happy. Advanced Sedation Dentistry was my answer. Because the dentist was a certified general anesthesiologist, he was able to put me to sleep to do the necessary dental work of pulling six teeth and doing periodontal work. On the next visit, I was given a simple pill, which put me into a light sleep. The next day I remembered nothing about the visit except that I went.

– Linda

I’m so proud of my smile – all of this without the fear and dread of pain.

Five stars

I wanted to thank you for the kindness and superior care you gave me when I was in Virginia on vacation. I was suddenly struck with an agonizing toothache and did not know what to do. I called Advanced Sedation Dentistry and they were so kind and calming. I knew I found the solution to save our vacation. They gave us an appointment immediately and told me not to worry. As soon as we walked into the office I felt better. Thanks again for a great out-of-town experience, and for saving our vacation!

– Susan

Five stars

I travel 100 miles to go to Advanced Sedation Dentistry and it is worth every mile. Because of their practice, I now have straight teeth where they were once crooked, and I’m so proud of my smile – all of this without the fear and dread of pain. Thank you, to the entire staff at Advanced Sedation Dentistry. I would continue to come to you even if I lived 300 miles away!

– Linda

Five stars

Thank you to Dr. Futerman and his staff for taking such good care of our baby. He had four decayed teeth in the upper front, and we were very apprehensive about having him put to sleep to have this work done. Thank goodness Dr. Futerman was able to save all the teeth with caps. He came through the entire procedure just fine. We highly recommend this establishment to anyone who has small children.

– Barbara

Five stars

Had to have wisdom teeth taken out due to extreme pain. The whole staff working there were amazing. Extremely easy to talk to, very personable and professional. Both visits I had were very very pleasant, I never felt a thing. Great cleaning on my teeth as well as some good laughs thanks to Angie. I highly recommend taking your business here!

– Josh

Payment Options

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We understand that even with our affordable dental services, covering the cost of your dental care may be a concern. We offer a number of options to help ensure you get the dental care you deserve.

Most Dental Insurances Accepted

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to maximize your comfort level

Under our care, there is no reason to put off your dental work. When paired with comforting pain management, our expert sedation dentists can complete years of work in one visit. Let us remove the anxiety and inconvenience of making return trips.

General Anesthesia Full Sedation Medium Sedation Mild Sedation


General Anesthesia

I’m OK with localized numbing in my problem area. This level is achieved with a local injection or topical treatment.

Mild Sedation

I would like to be in a relaxed, but awake state. This level is achieved with the use of nitrous oxide.

Medium Sedation

I prefer to be in a near-sleep state, but still responsive. This level is achieved through an IV drip.

Full Sedation

Knock me out, doc. I want to be unconscious. This level is achieved with deep sedation and general anesthesia.

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