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General Dentistry – With The Painless Touch

"What I'd expected to be terrifying - a tooth extraction - was actually a wonderful experience. Dr. Futerman put me in a state of relaxation from the moment I sat in the chair. He put me at ease with his kind smile, gentle voice and by offering me choices. He gave me the choice of Novocain or the IV. I chose the IV. The next thing I know it was done - no trauma, no worries. The most amazing part of it was that I felt no pain, not only during the extraction, but after I left the office and even the next day. Nothing at all. It's like I never even went to the dentist. I'd recommend him to anyone and I know if I need more work exactly who I'll be calling."
Linda Chiacchieri

Imagine taking care of all your dental needs at one office – and each treatment being totally painless and stress free. From routine cleanings to extractions to a total smile restoration, Dr. Futerman and his staff help both children and adults attain and keep a healthy, attractive, pleasant mouth.

There’s no need to be embarrassed by your fear or the condition of your teeth. As many as 75% of adults in the US report having some form of dental fear or anxiety; so you are not alone. We are pleased to be able to help you conquer your fears and improve your smile.

Because you’ll be comfortably sedated during treatment, extensive work – even years’ worth – can be done in a single visit. That’s a real time-saver for your busy lifestyle!

All of your treatment procedures will have one thing in common: they’ll be performed safely, painlessly and quickly by Dr. Len Futerman – Hampton Roads’ only dental anesthesiologist.