Sedation – no pain, all gain!

When one thinks of sedation or anesthesia, being put under and not remembering anything usually during a major surgery or procedure, and waking up at a hospital is what comes to mind.

While this is generally the case, there are many levels of sedation from inhaled gasses to general anesthesia that can be used in a variety of procedures, to include dentistry!

Realizing the invaluable contribution of anesthesia to the success of dentistry, and just how many patients in the Hampton Roads area were not getting proper dental care due to fear and anxiety, Dr. Futerman DDS and Dental Anesthesiologist started Advanced Sedation Dentistry in 2009 as a comfortable, safe, and effective alternative to typical dental clinics.

As Hampton Roads’ Premier dental anesthesiologists, patients don’t need to check into a hospital to have a treatment done such as an extraction, only to follow up with his or her general dentist afterwards. All of our treatments are done in house with our specialized team of doctors, sedation dentists, board-certified dental anesthesiologists, and skillful clinical staff, allowing us to offer our patients comprehensive dental solutions under one roof.

Whether you are needing a lot of work done and have avoided it because of anxiety, fear or embarrassment, or just require a higher level of care, our expert staff sees patients of all ages and customizes each treatment plan exclusively to that patient.

Sedation may not be required in every situation such as a routine cleaning, but what sets us apart is that it is always an option for our patients to make that decision for themselves, ensuring the most comfortable experience possible. By giving our patients the option of sedation, treatments can be done in the least amount of visits, which means less impact on our patient’s busy lives.

ASD can even make and fit crowns or bridges the same day, in house, in most cases. By utilizing CEREC technology, our staff makes a digital imprint of the area, the machine mills the crown or partial crown, it is inserted, and our patients are on their way! No more messy impressions, temporary crowns, wait times or aggravation.

We welcome you to come and experience the difference sedation can make on your oral health. Call us today at 757-769- 7155 to schedule an appointment.